Meet CHCLA’s Founders

The Catholic Medical Association

The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care. It helps its membership grow in faith, maintain ethical integrity, and provide excellent health care in accordance with the teachings of the Church.

It strengthens its membership through education and fellowship. The CMA hosts an annual educational conference, publishes The Linacre Quarterly, and advocates for Catholic medical professionals in public forums. The CMA helps support regional guilds, which provide service to the local Church, community, and peers in health care.

Steven White, MD is the President of the CHCLA and the past president of the Catholic Medical Association.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center

The National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) responds to ethical challenges in health care and the life sciences by promoting Catholic moral and social teachings. Through education, guidance, and public policy, it promotes human dignity and supports health care professionals.

The NCBC promotes the teachings of the Church through various educational efforts. It instructs clergy, religious, and laity through workshops, seminars, and certification programs. The NCBC publishes two journals, Ethics and Medics and The NCBC Quarterly. Additionally, it engages in public policy initiatives related to ethical issues by issuing position papers.

Joseph Meaney, Ph.D. is the President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center and serves as a board member to the CHCLA.

The Catholic Benefits Association

The Catholic Benefits Association protects the conscience rights of Catholic employers who conduct business and provide benefits in a manner that is consistent with their sincerely held religious beliefs. It provides guidance for members to strengthen their Catholic identity in the workplace, and when necessary, the Catholic Benefits Association engages in legal advocacy.

It helps optimize the Catholic employment experience. The Catholic Benefits Association delivers comprehensive Human Resource services that help enact policies that promote a Catholic culture. By engaging with industry leaders in the Catholic community, it offers morally compliant and competitively priced employee benefits.

Doug Wilson is the CEO of the Catholic Benefits Association and board member of the CHCLA.

The Catholic Bar Association

The Catholic Bar Association is a community of legal professionals that educates, organizes, and inspires its members to faithfully uphold and bear witness to the Catholic faith in the study and practice of law. By articulating Catholic legal principles at a national level, the Catholic Bar Association assists the Church in not only evangelizing the legal profession but also society at large.

It has local chapters throughout the country. These chapters provide networking and educational opportunities for Catholic lawyers who seek to integrate Catholic teachings into their practice of law. By working through its chapters, the Catholic Bar Association is also able to evangelize and help provide benefits to the Church, such as pro bono services and red Mass promotions.

Joshua McCaig, J.D. is the Founder and Inaugural President of the Catholic Bar Association, and he is a board member of the CHCLA.

The Christ Medicus Foundation

The Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) defends religious liberty and helps provide for Christ-centered health care options. It protects the rights of patients to have Catholic health care that does not compromise their religious beliefs. CMF achieves this mission through public policy, education, and empowering health care providers.

CMF founded the first fully operational Catholic health sharing option, CMF CURO in 2014 to provide Catholics with an affordable, moral, health care alternative to some traditional insurance plans. CMF collaborates with primary care centers and other pro-life medical providers throughout the country to help increase access to quality care and strengthen Catholic health care communities.

Louis Brown, J.D. is the Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation.