Conscience and Religious Liberty

Freedom of conscience and religious liberty are cornerstones of Catholic health care. These rights protect both health care professionals and patients to give and receive care according to their conscience or deeply held religious beliefs.   Health care professionals, whether they are involved in direct patient care or administration, have a right to make decisions consistent with their well-informed conscience and deeply held religious beliefs. This fosters professional integrity and allows them to provide the best patient care.

Today, the law permits practices that are contrary to Catholic beliefs. There is increasing political and regulatory pressure for Catholic health care systems and professionals to be obedient to intrinsically immoral laws. These regulatory measures threaten the religious freedom of these institutions and the conscience of health care providers to operate according to their Catholic identity.

CHCLA uses political advocacy to ensure that the voices of those who advocate for Catholic moral and social teachings are heard in deliberations over public policy agendas. CHCLA is committed to promoting initiatives that protect the conscience rights of health care professionals, defend the dignity of human life, and improve patient care.