Life and Human Dignity

Each human person is a unique instance of God’s love and called to share in His own divine life of joy for all eternity. Since each person is created by God and for God, we have the responsibility to recognize and respect the inestimable and inviolable dignity of each human person. Health care professionals have a unique vocation to be guardians of life from fertilization until natural death. Accompanying patients in moments of triumph and trial, health care providers can help patients recognize the salvific power of suffering and God’s tender compassion and care.

The aim of medicine is to serve each patient in his or her human fragility by curing diseases and relieving suffering. However, the nature of medicine has been distorted in our increasingly secular and materialistic culture, so that it eliminates the patient instead of his or her suffering. This is diametrically opposed to the truth of the human person and the foundational teachings of the Christian faith.

The respect for the sanctity of human life must characterize all aspects of Catholic health care. The CHCLA will help health care systems implement policies and procedures that are expressions of Catholic and life-affirming values. CHCLA sees this as a unique opportunity for Catholic health care to lead the way in building a culture of life.