“Christ proposes the evangelical counsels, in their great variety, to every disciple.”(CCC 915) Those who live the Evangelical Counsels “reproduce in themselves, as far as possible, “that form of life which he, as the Son of God, accepted in entering this world.”(Vita Consecrata n. 16) Profession of “the evangelical counsels is intimately connected with the mystery of Christ, and [makes] somehow present the way of life which Jesus himself chose and indicated as an absolute eschatological value.” (Id. at 29)

The Evangelical Counsels need to be returned to the Catholic practice of medicine through every means possible: Religious presence, formation of the laity and a renewed corporate commitment to the Life of Christ. Nonprofit organizations have an added fiduciary duty of obedience to the mission. A nonprofit entity that fails to obey the Church faces ecclesial sanctions as well as secular liabilities. Furthermore, a leading factor by which the Supreme Court analyzes the application of the ministerial exception to a given occupation in a religious organization is by the religious entity’s sincere expectations of religious obedience by the employee.