Membership Process

Welcome to the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance!  We are honored and blessed to have you as a part of our alliance, one that is devoted to the protection of authentic Catholic Health Care in the United States and abroad.  As a member of the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance, you join other likeminded individuals and organization who share the call to renew Catholic Health Care and align it with the healing ministry of Christ and His Church.  This alliance seeks to support the rights of patients and professionals to receive and provide health care in accordance with the moral, ethical and social teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church through ongoing evangelization, education, advocacy, and mutual support.  The community of believers established through this Alliance, with a shared mission and vision for Catholic Health Care, will use its collective resources and talents to mutually benefit one another and advance the goals set by this Alliance to support and defend Catholic Health Care now and in the future.

Process for Membership

Membership is open to anyone in the health care profession, whether individual providers, practice groups, hospitals, or health systems.  Membership is also available to any allied individuals or organizations that are aligned with the mission and vision of the organization, which may include the fields or areas of academia, law, business, insurance, and advocacy.

Any individual or entity desiring membership may complete the membership application packet and submit it to the CHCLA for consideration.  Once the completed application is received, the CHCLA will review the application and the CHCLA Board will determine whether or not to accept the application. If accepted, the individual or entity will be notified.

Membership Requirements

Members accepted into the Alliance agree to commit to the following:

  1. The individual or entity will agree to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church, as contained in Sacred Scripture and interpreted by the Magisterium, and confirm obedience and loyalty to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, in particular, as it relates to the mission of the CHCLA, including a commitment to uphold the truth of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine and health care delivery, and adherence to the Ethical and Religious directives of the USCCB.
  2. The individual or entity will participate in the CHCLA Allied Member Committee Meetings. For entities or organizations who are members, the entity or organization will delegate one person as its representative to formally attend the CHCLA Allied Member Committee Meetings.  The CHCLA Allied Member Committee Meetings are monthly meetings of all Alliance Members to discuss topics of interest, provide updates on the Alliance, address strategy as an Alliance on key areas of health care, and to raise issues that need further follow up by the Alliance and/or the CHCLA Board.
  3. Participation in CHCLA Committees, as need be and as may arise. Allied Members may be asked to lead committees or other projects of the CHCLA.
  4. To contribute financially in support of the CHCLA. Dues will vary based on the circumstances of the members, whether individuals or entities, and will be formally determined at a later date.  At present, the CHCLA Board will discuss financial contributions with potential members during the application process.