Ministry Renewal

Today, the legal protections and religious exemptions that have been historically afforded to Catholic institutions cannot be guaranteed by a religious name or longstanding religious tradition. A hospital administration may show by its policies, personnel, documents, and practices that it does not qualify for a religious exemption, because it has compromised its Catholic faith and embraced secularization. Just as with any other corporate compliance program, the Catholic faith in an organization should be more than a program on paper; it needs to be manifest in its institution’s policies and practices. By doing so, Catholic health care systems help ensure that they are eligible for religious exemptions and other legal protections.

Catholic health care entities can take proactive steps to protect themselves from unnecessary litigation and costs. Through the Catholic Benefits Association and other resources, CHCLA offers its members assistance in infusing the Catholic identity into their organizational cultures. CHCLA will assist the member entity in reviewing the organization’s written policies and employment agreements, aligning organizational policies with Catholic teachings, and providing accessible human resources guidance and education.

CHCLA is committed to supporting all involved in Catholic health care to be renewed in Christ as we work together to amplify our voices in proclaiming the sanctity of Christ’s mission in the everyday care of our patients.