A Restoring Ministry

Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance seeks to renew and restore the ministry of Catholic Healthcare in the public sphere, in health systems, hospitals, clinics and in the heart of every person who ministers Christ’s healing presence.

In union with the Catholic Church’s social teaching, CHCLA’s mission “rests on the threefold cornerstone of human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity” and aims “to encourage governments, institutions and private organizations to shape a future consonant with the dignity of every person.” (Ecclesia in America, n. 55)

This dignity, understood as a capacity to transcend one’s own materiality and to seek truth, must be acknowledged as a universal good, indispensable for the building of a society directed to human fulfillment. Respect for essential elements of human dignity … is a condition for the moral legitimacy of every social and legal norm. (Pope Benedict, Message for the World Day of Peace, 2010, n.2)

Through engagement in the public sphere, in society, in the structure and leadership of healthcare ministry, through engagement in the human heart and in union with the Church, CHCLA exists to rediscover, renew, stabilize and empower Catholic health care for the healing of the person and society.