Conscientious Objection and Abortion

June 17, 2022

Joseph Meaney, President of The National Catholic Bioethics Center and Board Member of the CHCLA wrote about a shocking news headline that grabbed his attention recently: “Conscientious objection ‘may become indefensible’ according to new [World Health Organization] guidance.”

Promoting abortion is the reason for this latest assault against conscience and the right to life of preborn babies. The WHO issued a new “Abortion Care Guideline” in March 2022 to update and replace all previous recommendations.

The document says it wants to “enable evidence-based decision-making with respect to quality abortion care.” What it really does is attempt to portray abortion as ordinary health care and places it under the controversial heading of “sexual and reproductive health rights.” Flowing from the false assertions that abortion is “health care” and a “right” are a long list of recommendations to eliminate barriers to access, including curtailing the rights of health care workers to conscientious objection.

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