Why Become a Member?

Sr. Jane Marie Klein on Why Franciscan Alliance is Joining CHCLA as the First Hospital System Member

“This Alliance brings together the best minds in medicine, law, business, and theology. I look forward to working with CHCLA and my brother Bishops to guide and support CHCLA in this important work that will not only bring faithful medicine to our people, but bring our people to a deeper relationship with God.”

“Further, the Alliance, with their depth of expertise in the areas mentioned above, will serve as a reliable and trustworthy resource for bishops to turn for assistance, information, and support; so that bishops can properly and more effectively exercise their pastoral office in overseeing health care ministry in their diocese. They will be better equipped to help facilitate an atmosphere of mutual understanding, fruitful collaboration, and ecclesial communion with the health care leaders in their dioceses. In performing such a ministry, bishops are imitating Christ who, when he ‘saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them and he cured their sick (Matt 14:14).’”

The Most Reverend James D. Conley, D.D., S.T.L., Chair of the Episcopal Advisory Board of CHCLA; Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska

“Our sacred obligation to attest to and uphold the moral teachings of the Church concerning the sanctity of life throughout its natural progression from conception until natural death is being challenged by those who wish to secularize all health care providers. CHCLA is being formed to be a beacon of light and truth, an organization that will defend the right of faith-based providers to deliver care in concert with their religious beliefs. A disproportionate number of people in our country, the poor and the elderly, the marginalized, and those without a voice struggle to receive adequate care. CHCLA wants to be their advocate. Franciscan Alliance is proud to be a part of an advocacy forum that defends both the dignity of all persons and religious freedom.”

Sr. Jane Marie Klein, O.S.F., Chairwoman of the Board of Franciscan Alliance Hospital System